The Innovative Architectural Program

Save Time & Money

Design Build Partners uses a system developed by William Pena called The Architectural Program to save time, money, and create value.

Traditionally, a building owner will come to an architect and say something like, “I want 10 closed offices, a break room, and a conference room.” The architect will say “okay, let’s build it.”

With the Architectural Program, before the architect says “okay, let’s build it” they’ll first ask a series of questions to better understand why.

For example:

  • How often will meetings be held in this room and for how many people?
  • Will the conference room need a sink and food storage?
  • What will the conference room be used for?
  • How should visitors to the room feel? Impressed? Comfortable? Intimidated?
  • What type of furniture might be used?
  • Could the conference room work as a break room?

By asking questions like these, the owner and architect might come to the conclusion that the conference room should double as the break room. Not only does this prevent an extraneous unused room in the new office, it saves time and money by eliminating the need to build one.

Why Follow the Architectural Program?

Design Build Partners works with you to identify potential problems before they even arise.
Saves Time

A thorough, cohesive program shapes the overall project and significantly reduces changes during design and construction.

Saves Money

Saving time saves money. Answering questions on the front end is significantly more cost-effective than answering questions during construction.

Creates Value

A great program will identify several common thread items in a cohesive manner. Seamless design and construction fundamentally create a better end product. It just works.

Is the Program Right for You?

Accurately defining a strategic plan for your building is the single most important element of the construction process—and most overlooked.

Design Build Partners believes that if the right collection of people in a company can clearly state the problems to be solved, then they can best solve those problems.

Updated on September 1, 2020